YOUR INSURANCE IS PRIMARY, and you, as the renter, are ultimately responsible for any and all claims that may result from the operation of our LSV during this rental period. This means that your insurance will be expected to pay first in case of any claims. Please note that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to understand what your insurance covers and/or does not cover prior to operating the unit.

Renter voluntarily agrees to accept the risks of operating/using a Street Legal Golf Cart ("LSV.") On behalf of yourself, your passengers, personal representative natives and your heirs, you herby voluntarily agree to release the Company and its owners, officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, actions, causes of actions, suits, judgements and demands for bodily injury, property damage, loss of life and/or loss of services, in law or equity, that may in any way or manner arise from use of LSV. 

Customer herby agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend the Company and its officers, employees, and agents from any loss, damage or claims arising from the use of or in any way connected with the use the LSV, including but not limited to, theft, vandalism, or hit and run of the LSV, or your personal property in/on the LSV, damages to the LSV or by the LSV regardless of “at fault” responsibility, injury to any part caused by or from the use of the LSV, motor vehicle moving or parked, towing or impoundment violations, etc. Customer agrees to use reasonable care, judgement, and due diligence regarding the operation of the LSV. Customer further understands/agrees that any limited warranties as to the LSV safety (excluding gross negligence) are hereby specifically disclaimed by the Company. Furthermore, it is Customer’s affirmative obligation to know, understand and obey the State of Florida Motor Vehicle rules and regulations of operating the LSV, including but not limited to DUI alcohol, controlled substances and/or open container laws. 

LSVs are a motorized, low speed vehicle and driving or riding in these vehicles can lead to serious injury, property damage and even death. No excessive speed, joyriding, or any type of unreasonable activity with the LSV will be tolerated. You may not attempt to transport more people than the LSV was designed for.

The LSV must remain on streets marked 35 MPH or less and MAY NOT BE USED TO CROSS THE NAVARRE CAUSEWAY BRIDGE NOR the PENSCOLA BEACH BRIDGE. The LSV is NOT to be operated on Highway 98. It is understood that the LSV MUST be operated and follow all Florida Motor Vehicle Laws. 

A valid drivers licesnse and proofs of insurance MUST be presented at check in. The minimum age to rent our Street Legal Golf Carts is 25 unless previous arrangements have been made. There will be NO refunds given if the renter is NOT 25 and/or can't furnish a drivers license with proofs of insurance in same name.  

Failure to return rental property or equipment upon expiration of the rental period and failure to pay all amounts due (including costs for damage to the property or equipment) are evidence of abandonment or refusal to redeliver the property, punishable in accordance with §812.155, Florida Statutes.

Cancelation policy: We will refund a reservation less $150 processing fee if customer cancels reservation at least 21 days out from start of booked reservation. Once Customer is within 20 days of reservation, there are NO REFUNDS. We do not offer any refunds based on weather, including hurricanes and tropical storms. For this reason, we strongly recommend travelers insurance for your trip.  

The LSV should be parked like Customer’s personal vehicle, and the keys always kept on your person. Lost Key fee is $100. This will be charged to the card on file. 

LSV’s are often turned over to other customers immediately following pickup. The LSV must be received back with a FULL tank of gas. Customer understands he/she will be charged $50 no matter how full/little the LSV is registering if NOT FULL. 

Customer understands that a credit card will be kept on file for incidentals to include repair cost of the LSV rented if damaged. 

Customer is responsible for the return of the equipment in the same state in which it was received. Customer agrees to pay in full for any repairs or replacement if the equipment is damaged. Late returns will be charged at $150 per day.